Customer Requirements

To provide optimal storage and longevity, this bathroom was designed with custom made tiled units and a walk in shower to provide easy access and space. A recess over the toilet allows for extra bathroom items while a built-in shower shelf accommodates shampoos and soaps.

Additionally, an aluminium radiator freed up floor area while providing warmth at the end of the shower enclosure. A mirror cabinet above the sink provided additional storage without impacting overall design footprint - making sure all items were kept neat and tidy!

Design Features

We further enhanced the recesses and basin unit with LED lighting, allowing for convenient switching of illumination. We complemented this by installing tiled shelves in a way that allowed light to highlight items stored within - perfect for showing off prized possessions!

The Basin unit was specially crafted to provide extra storage and a waterproof finish. Attention was also paid to making sure the toilet fit right into its surroundings; achieving an integrated look through discreet yet stylish design choices.

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Customer Review

I purchased a bungalow for my retirement days, hoping to make my life easier. However as per usual I ended up with one which was very out dated and needed a decent uplift on design and layout. I booked an appointment with Steven to discuss options on easy access styles, layouts and safety features. He was more than helpful, he had so many ideas and alternatives to put forward. He knew the types of designs which I needed for accessibility and safety and often recommended alternatives which have turned out to be absolutely wonderful. The designs ended being totally bespoke, and I am so pleased with the results. I can't help but invite people round to show off the speciality features I now have. I really didn't think I could have such a beautiful result with all the demands I put in. Thank you Steven. Very polite, helpful team and always smiling. They cleaned up every day too. I would definitely recommend Bespoke Bathroom Specialists. Diane and Paul
- D

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